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Professional counseling for couples and individuals. Specializes in trauma, anxiety and addiction.

About the Owners

Hello and welcome to Bartels Counseling. In a few words my style involves exploring your history and current life to identify feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that contribute to your current unhappiness. With short term counseling I provide support and skill building and immediate shifts in perspective. If you desire long term counseling I can help you examine deeper issues, working through hurts and wounds enabling healing and improved relationships. I am certified in EMDR which is a powerful method of psychotherapy used to treat trauma. I work with sex addiction and my primary focus is working with partners of those who are sexually addicted as well as female sex and love addicts. If you need couples counseling, I see couples that long to be fully understood, respected and accepted by their partner. I work with you to provide tools and ways for you to escape hot emotions and negative patterns of interacting. This enables you to emotionally connect and problem solve and enjoy one another again. I am experienced in helping couples restore trust after infidelity. I warmly invite you to visit my website and get in touch.


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