December 4, 2020

Business Spotlight: Hive & Honeycomb Counseling

Small businesses and the people who own and work in them are the heart of our Edmonds community. To keep our downtown thriving, it’s more critical than ever that we think local first.

In this new series, we will be highlighting independently-owned businesses, and learn more about the folks that make them run!

Meet Krista Law from Hive & Honeycomb Counseling

What is your favorite part of your business?
Having multiple clinicians available to help support folks in their struggles.

Why did you start your business?
My business partner and I were independent practitioners who were getting so many referrals that we couldn’t handle by ourselves. So, we wanted to make therapy more accessible and available to those who need it.

Why did you choose Edmonds for your business?
The surrounding areas of Seattle seem to have less accessibility and availability for therapy. We wanted to meet that need.

What is unique about your business?
Our mission is to support our clinicians so well that they are best able support our clients. So, we trust that our clients are being well-cared for because our employees feel strong and empowered from the support they get from the organization.

Why should people do business with you?
All of us are struggling at this time in our world and could use a consistent time, place and well-trained person to receive empathy and support from for the journey.

What are you currently doing differently during this time?
We have moved our business to 100% telehealth so that our clinicians and our clients can participate in health and healing from the safety of their own homes.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!
We believe happy bees make better honey! That’s why our mission is to treat our clinicians so well that they serve their communities better.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your business?
We would love to support the Edmonds neighborhood!

Hive & Honeycomb Counseling
406 Main St, Ste 11
Years in business: 1

Photos by Matt Hulbert

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