February 12, 2024

Winter Blues Be Gone: Take Care of Your Cold Weather Mental Health Downtown

Hey, we feel it, too—that late winter malaise that sets in every year around this time, when we’ve had a few more rainy days than feel cute and certainly don’t feel 90s Seattle rom-commy. These are the months you find us turning our faces toward everything that even somewhat resembles the sun. Vitamin D, where art thee? 

Grey days, all the layers, and a few too many runny noses around us can take the pep right out of our usually springy step. So, as seasoned PNWers, how do we survive—nay, thrive!—in the depths of winter? 

Besides grabbing one of our signature green Ed! Umbrellas for all of our Downtown Edmonds outings, well, several ways. In this article, we’ve compiled just a few. 

(Disclaimer: Please know that your options are endless and we are not doctors. If you have a seasonally-induced medical condition, we have people here who can help with that, too.)  

Edmonds Bookshop The Best Places to Hang When The Skies Are Grey

When we say grey here, we mean when the clouds are full of rain and popping on and off throughout the day. We’re no strangers to being outside during grey days, but when the wind and rain get together to do one of their whistley dances? No, thank you. We’re pulling up our hoods and heading inside to the just-opened Musicology Co. to sift through vinyl new and old, and to the Edmonds Bookshop to linger over staff recommendations for hours. 

It should go without saying because we’re tried and true Pacific Northwesterners, but we’ll say it anyway: Either of these activities can (and should) be preceded by our hands wrapped around a warm beverage. Pick your favorite from our list and head off to your product sifting stops cheery and sufficiently caffeinated. 

Twist Yoga in Downtown Edmonds

Photo courtesy of Twist Yoga

Make Sure To Move Your Body

We know movement and breath are always boons to the blues, but actualizing on those recommendations doesn’t always happen, especially when changing out of soft pants feels like a hard pass. Hold your future self accountable by purchasing class packs and then booking in advance at Bodyworks Pilates, Barre3, Gracie Barra, or Twist Yoga. Then, sweat out any sadness in one of Sauna Hut’s infrared saunas. 

Plus, Downtown Edmonds is super-walkable, so getting out and moving your legs alone while staying present (there’s probably a new mural you haven’t admired up close or a floofy dog prancing past) will do wonders for your mind, body, and soul. 

Cole Gallery in Downtown EdmondsTry Something New

Often, getting out of your usual routine gives your brain a different thing to noodle on. Consider a healing modality like hypnotherapy (Lisa F. Geiger Hypno therapy is an option on Main), taking an art class at Cole Gallery and Art Studio, pampering yourself with a pedicure at Nancy’s Nails, or listening to live music under the dim lights at Vinbero.  

Friends gathered at Leftcraft in Downtown EdmondsGather Your People

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that we really, really need our people. Get out of that solo home office and try on co-working at Workhorse on 2nd or pull up to the bar at one of our local happy hour spots. Heck, there’s no reason you couldn’t do both! If you’re a parent or caregiver who’s new in town, Alley Bell Music has great classes where you can meet the other babes on the block—literally. 

Edmonds FerryNo More Blues Here—Except In The Waters And Skies

We’re seeing the light at the end of the dark winter tunnel, and we hope you are, too! If you’re feeling inspired to try some (or all!) of our recommendations, show us where you go. Tag #loveedmonds in your social posts and we’ll share our favorites on our stories. 

By Whitney Popa, photos by Matt Hulbert

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