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We carry thousands of favorite titles that we sell for half the cover price or less.

We have a unique trade credit policy that can get your purchase price down to 25% of original prices! When you bring us your gently used books, we offer 20% of the original retail price of selected mass market paperbacks in "trade credit." With this credit, the cost of books purchased within our store is reduced from half to 25% of the original retail price in most cases. Any way you work it, with trade credit or without, you will get a great deal on books here. When you are finished reading them bring them back to us again for more trade credit!

About the Owners

Spangler said his customers keep coming back because independent bookstores offer more “depth of knowledge and personalized attention” when compared to big box bookstores. He said he knows just about every book in his store, about 35,000 total, and he’s sold over 2.5 million. “I was doomed to this fate,” he laughed. Spangler is a third generation bookseller, and he said he has been doing this since he was a little kid. His dad opened a bookstore in Boise, Idaho, in 1968, and sent Spangler out to gather inventory. “When I was 7 years old, he gave me a bunch of nickels and said go through the neighborhood and offer a nickel for every book that’s in good condition,” Spangler said. Spangler’s mother was a librarian, and he spent his childhood surrounded by books. He went to law school, but decided to pursue a different path, making his way to Edmonds, and setting up a shop near Edmonds Community College. He came up with a creative business model that has kept his business going through the years. “Twenty-five years is a long time for any small business to survive, but bookstores seem to be especially short-lived,” Spangler said. “Bookstore years are like dog years. We’re actually 175 years old.” He offers his customers trade credit for books brought in to the store, offering 20 percent of the original retail value in trade credit. Then, customers can use the credit toward up to half of their purchase. “You get a lot more here in value than you would at some of the bigger places that pay cash, but you have to buy books here to really take advantage of it,” Spangler said. “We had to dream up a way to get a little money with each transaction or we would never have made it.” About 98 percent of his inventory comes from customers. He also has 10 spinner racks in independent grocery stores from Kingston to Concrete and other “far flung” places. When he gets overstocked, he’ll drive 400-500 books to one of the stores. Other books that don’t sell are given to charities, recycled or may make it into the “free” box outside the store. Spangler lives in downtown Edmonds, and is looking into relocating the store downtown sometime in the near future. He said the effects of the Internet and eBooks have “taken a toll on the market,” but he is optimistic. “We’re the last small independent used bookstore for miles in any direction,” Spangler said. “Our customers beat a path to our door because they really love reading and they love reading books – many of them have electronic readers but choose not to use them.”


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