Erin Long, MA, LMHC

Individual & Family Therapist


People come to counseling for many different reasons.

What brought you here at this moment is as individual as you are.

I believe that people need to feel a connection with their counselor to have the greatest impact. I want to provide an environment and relationship in which you can feel welcome, safe, heard and understood. Nobody wants to feel alone. My approach in the counseling relationship is to provide a comfortable place to facilitate connection. From that center, we can begin to explore the point in your life that brought you to this place. We then can use a variety of tools to help you reach your goals.

The challenges can seem overwhelming. Maybe a way of coping in your life doesn’t work anymore. You may be struggling with relationship issues, or maybe it’s difficult to be the kind of parent you want to be. You may be worried about your child or teen and what’s happening at school or with friends. Whether the difficulty seems large or small, or whether you or your family have experienced single or multiple stressors, there is hope.

I want you to feel safe on your journey toward a more peaceful, more empowered life full of greater happiness and satisfaction.

I would consider it my honor and privilege to meet you. Call or email me today, and we can set up a time for you to come to my office. I really value the human “connection,” and it’s really important to me that you feel comfortable. If you want to find out if this is a good match for you, you can come to the first session, see what it’s like, and I can answer all of your questions. If it seems like a good match, and I feel I can address what you are looking for, you can pay for the first session at your next session (and I can bill your insurance company as needed). If it’s not a good match, you don’t need to pay for that first session, and I can offer referrals for other therapists in the area (if you like).

Together, we can explore ways you can begin to find increased joy, feelings of success, and deepen your connection with those you love.

About the Owners

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in private practice in Edmonds , Washington , with a special focus in therapeutic work with children and teens. I also have extensive experience working with adults, couples and families. I received a Master’s Degree in Psychology at Antioch University in the Child, Couple and Family Therapy, after working in the community for 20 years facilitating culturally diverse groups, with adults, youth and their families, and developing a great love for people from a wide variety of backgrounds. I then began to work with children and teens in schools, homes and community centers, with people who have learning disabilities, and families / couples going through transitions. I have provided counseling in schools, and have extensive experience working with ADD/ ADHD and learning disabilities. I use different therapies in my practice, depending on the need of each client. I believe that in the heart of therapeutic change, attunement and a high quality client - therapist relationship is at the core. My approach to therapy combines elements from many models. I use approaches that honor the "whole self." seeing each person as unique, and helping them to heal using all areas of life including: mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical needs. I am respecful of all religious beliefs, and I honor those who don't have any religious beliefs. All are welcome. Using intuition, clinical training, and flexibility, I create a therapeutic approach based on the needs of each client. Within my clinical training, my theoretical orientation includes the insight and modeling of: Object Relations, Family of Origin, Systemic; and, primary therapies include: EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral and Trauma Focused Therapy (CBT / TFCBT), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), DBT and Solution-Focused Therapy. I also utilize psychodynamic theory in play therapy with youth and children, working with dreams, and identifying themes in work with families and relationships. Therapeutic tools to assist in the healing process of internalized oppression are helpful, when a person may be “stuck” due to learned beliefs they hold to be true about themselves. I help them release those things, and create a greater sense of their true nature, freedom, and happiness. For those who would like to use spirituality and religious beliefs in their counseling work, I honor and integrate that in the therapy process.


By appointment only. Call, email or visit website to schedule.

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