May 9, 2022

Take Your Kids Out on The (Down)Town

The sun is out, and so are we! We’re bringing our kids with us, too—whether it’s to our favorite downtown coffee shops, to stroll the streets, or to watch for wildlife along the waterfront. We’re shaking off our cabin fever, and it sure does feel great, doesn’t it? 

So, since the kiddos have been cooped up watching winter from the windows just as long as we have, we thought it would be fun to put together an itinerary for a kids’ date. You could do it all in one epic weekend day or pick and choose parts to spread out over multiple kids’ dates. You can’t go wrong with whatever you choose, especially in downtown Edmonds. 

Revelations Yogurt

Let’s start with a surefire kid-pleaser: froyo. Revelations Yogurt (lovingly deemed RevYo by the locals who frequent it) on Main offers ten rotating flavors of premium frozen yogurt with live and active probiotic cultures. Pick and load up your toppings—price is determined by weight, so how much you eat and spend is up to you. It’s a choose your own adventure of icy, creamy paradise. Hot fudge, nuts, gummies, boba, and more are possible. They make smoothies, too. AND you can even order online ahead of time. Take your kids to sit outside and people-watch—or don’t. We have options now, and we’re open to wherever they take us. 

Wishing Stone in Downtown Edmonds

The Wishing Stone

Once their sweet teeth are satisfied, it’s time to start the progressive date down and around Main. At The Wishing Stone, thumb through books about gems, fill a baggie of rocks from the bulk bin (a favorite with the younger set!), learn about crystals, grab a geode to break open at home, pick out a beautiful piece of jewelry, or spend the entire afternoon browsing. This store is so entertaining for kids and adults alike, and it all starts with the giant dinosaur in the window. 

Glazed and Amazed in Downtown Edmonds

Glazed and Amazed

Diagonally across the street is Glazed & Amazed, where DIY is the name of the game. They’ll be chattering away as they dream, paint, and create. Glazed & Amazed also offers clay handprints and canvas painting classes. This fun shop is always a family favorite whether you’re making heirlooms, memories, or both. 

Out of the extensive selection of kids’ books at Edmonds Bookshop, our favorite area is the little pocket of shelves hidden on the left-hand side of the store as you walk in. That’s where we see new copies of old books we loved growing up and where we like to sit down on the floor with our kiddos to read them together before we make the big decisions of what we want to bring home. There’s nothing like an independent, local book store, and getting kids to experience it is as much a treat for us as we hope it is for them. Don’t be surprised if the whole family adds to their stack while you’re there. We hope they do! 

A few steps back down 4tth and across Main is Little Bipsy, a veritable kids’ (and women’s) paradise. There is a changing table in the dressing room and toys on the floor to entertain the minis while mom tries on a new outfit for herself, which can be a rare treat. And while Little Bipsy has a beautifully curated collection of gear, toys, accessories, and books for the babes, the piéces de resistance for our purposes are the mommy, and me sets from the store’s eponymous LB Collection. Who doesn’t want to twin with their kiddos in simple, modern, and cool sweatsuits? 

Teri's Toybox in Downtown Edmonds

Teri’s Toybox

Right next door, Teri’s Toybox curates not only the most beautiful, themed window displays that collect groups like flies to honey but also offers toy expertise. This neighborhood gem has been an Edmonds staple since 1981! For the parents with young kids who grew up in Edmonds themselves, the nostalgia of Teri’s adds another layer of joy to walking the aisles. And, make no mistake: Teri’s has toy options for everyone—from newborns to kids at heart. 

For your kiddos who love to create, set them free at ARTspot and watch their imaginations soar. From beginners to seasoned artists, every talent and interest is nourished at ARTspot. The quality supplies and knowledgeable staff make every time in the store one of comfort and wonder. One of Edmonds’s artists may be perusing the selection as well. ARTspot represents at least 20 creatives! A large handful of Edmonds artists work in their street-facing studios at the Graphite Arts building just two blocks away and welcome friendly faces outside their windows (point to the resident Holstein on the front steps and say “moooo” before you turn the corner to peek into the studios!). 

Edmonds Hobby Shop & Model Machinist Center

Edmonds Hobby Shop & Model Machinist Center

Hang a left on 4th, and find the Edmonds Hobby Shop & Model Machinist Center. The shelves are full of model trains, rockets, wooden boats, cars, and all the paint and glue you need to put them together. They do custom orders, too, so encourage those big imaginations to dream. 

Waterfront Coffee in Downtown Edmonds

Waterfront Coffee Co

Like us, you may need another snack to conclude your date. No problem! The newly renovated Waterfront Coffee is just steps away and close to some of the best views in town. Get a scoop of Lopez Island Creamery ice cream (if you’re not running on a froyo sugar high from earlier), a caffeinated treat, a smoothie, one of their artisanal bakery items from area shops like Macrina, an amazing burrito or cookie from Dancing Women, or one of their in-house sandwiches. Your blood sugar will thank you! 

Now, it’s time to soak in those views cementing this outing as another special Edmonds kind of day. 

Show Us Your Kid Dates

Notice how these dates are fun for all? We’d love to see where your kid date adventures take you. Tag us (@edmondsdowntown) in your social media posts, and we’ll share them to our stories! You can also add the hashtags #edmondsdowntown and #loveedmonds. Like dating your kids downtown, there are endless ways to take us along with you. 

By Whitney Popa, photos by Matt Hulbert

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