February 14, 2024

Business Spotlight: Dusted Valley

Small businesses and the people who own and work in them are the heart of our Edmonds community. They make our downtown unique, authentic and welcoming.

In this series, we highlight the independently-owned businesses of Downtown Edmonds, and learn more about the folks that make them run!

Meet Corey and Cindy Braunel from Dusted Valley.

What is your favorite part of your business?
The wine! We love how our product allows us to really connect with our consumers in a unique way. Each vintage is a snapshot of a time and a place, and we get to share that unique story every time someone opens a bottle.

Why did you start your business?
As young adults, we discovered that the corporate jobs we were pursuing just weren’t very fulfilling and the wine industry, where we could connect back to our agriculture roots while still utilizing our individual strengths, was attractive. Back in 2003, the barriers to enter the wine industry were much lower than today, so it wasn’t too difficult for four crazy kids from Wisconsin to get the Washington wine dream started.

Why did you choose Edmonds for your business?
The home base of our winery is in Walla Walla, WA, a town with a very strong sense of community, which is important to us. So, when we were looking for a place to expand our business, one of the things we were looking for was a similar sense of community with a vibrant population who loves to get out and enjoy what their community has to offer.

What is unique about your business?
To this day, in our 20th year of operation, we are a family owned and operated winery: two sisters, Cindy & Janet, along with their husbands, Corey & Chad, are all still involved in the daily operations of the business and it’s common to even see them in one of our tasting rooms pouring for guests.

Why should people do business with you?
We take great pride in the wine we produce and the experiences we offer our guests and we strive to operate our business in a honest and inclusive manner that enriches the community around us.

What are your hours of business?
Wed & Thurs 3pm – 7pm, Fri & Sat 12pm –  8pm, Sun 12pm – 7pm

Dusted Valley
201 Main Street, Ste 102

Opened in 2021

Photo by Ma

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