March 25, 2024

Downtown Edmonds Elder Resources

Edmonds is an ideal place to not only grow up (however you define it), but also to grow older: The soothing water views, the access to the big city, the great food, the relatively easy parking, and the art and entertainment make it so we never want to leave.  

Plus, getting older in Edmonds has a ton of benefits: free coffee at many of the cafes, more time to watch the ferry, and great prices on shows are just a few. Whether you’re planning to retire in Edmonds or just moved in, our city dwellers of a certain age and stage can expect to be taken care of exceedingly well, especially Downtown. Stick with us as we go through some of the fantastic resources available to Edmonds elders. 

And, pssst, many of the things we’re about to mention are helpful for people of all ages. Whether you have an AARP card or not, keep reading. 

Beresford Booth attorneys in Downtown Edmonds.Attorneys, Insurance Providers, and Estate Planners

They say the two inevitabilities in life are death and taxes. Both of those things can feel stressful and put us on a quick path to existential crises, but they don’t have to! 

Allstate – Salish Insurance Group offers business and personal insurance. Their agents will help you figure out everything from how much life insurance coverage you need to what is covered under event insurance. They’ll even insure that new yacht you bought when you retired! 

At Beresford Booth PLLC, your estate planning is in great hands. They’ve been in Edmonds since 1946! They’ll help to resolve estate disputes (should they arise) and guide you through both simple and complex estate planning, and so much more. 

In the event of an accident, including slips and falls, Certa Farrish Law Group will be right at your side. Count on them to help you put your life back together following an injury.

Insurance Services Group is a family-owned and operated insurance agency that offers comprehensive solutions for you, your family, and your business. Because they work with more than thirty other insurance companies, they have access to the entire insurance marketplace. A one-stop insurance shop? You found it.

To ensure you’re set up for ultimate financial success, talk to Koenig Financial Group. Their Premium Wealth Management gives you the freedom to live each day how you want to. 

Need to create a trust? Head to Edmonds Wills & Trust, where you can expect complete estate planning services, from simple wills to more complex revocable living trusts. Best part? Flat rates!

TFS Advisors, LLC is all about protecting your wealth, your dreams, and your life goals. They’ll help you invest based on your values and act as true partners for wherever you want your days to take you.  

Edmonds Vision in Downtown EdmondsLongevity Services

We may not be formally classified as a blue zone in Edmonds, but we have all the right ingredients. From community, purpose, and lots of open areas to exercise, the quality of life here can’t be beat. Here are some of the contributors to our path to a haven for centenarians right Downtown: 

Advanced Hearing Systems, around since 1996, specializes in hearing aid technology. Long live coffee dates and audible conversation at bustling cafes! 

The eyes have it at Edmonds Vision Center. Whether you need readers or treatment for dry eye, they’ll take great care of you here. Plus, lots of new frames to choose from! 

Get your prescriptions and more right in Downtown Edmonds at Paktia Pharmacy. A family-owned and operated business, Paktia takes most insurance and is devoted to caring for you. 

At Stewart Family Chiropractic, you’ll get gentle, hands-on care. They are devoted to your body-brain connection, something that becomes even more important to watch as you age. 

Whether you’re looking for something cosmetic or preventative, Soundview Family Dental has your oral care covered. They even offer overdentures, a removable prosthesis for replacing missing teeth! 

Real Estate

Need to buy or sell? Contact Legendary Properties to get the real estate ball rolling! 

Edmonds Landing in Downtown EdmondsResidences

Edmonds Landing emphasizes wellness and independence. They’ll keep you linked to all the resources we listed and more. From cocktail-hour gatherings where you can learn about the nuances of a good Pinot Noir, to a discussion of the latest best seller in their Life-Long Learning series, to exploring new ways to stay healthy in a fitness class, this is a community unlike any other. 


As the man himself was quoted as saying, “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood, and age only matters if you’re a cheese.”  Use the ample resources available at Rick Steves’ Europe to plan your next international adventure, chat with the friendly staff, and swap stories with other shoppers. With Edmonds here to come home to, the world is at your fingertips whether you stay or explore beyond it. 

Looking for more resources? We’ll keep sharing them on our social media pages. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Live long and love hard. 

And, if you want to sip a cup of coffee collectively, we’ll see you at the senior round table at Walnut Street Coffee

By Whitney Popa, photos by Matt Hulbert

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