About Ed!

We are the Business Improvement District in Edmonds, Washington.


Following are a list of committees formed to execute the 2020 Work Plan. All Ed! members in good standing are encouraged to get involved and join a committee. Contact pam@edmondsdowntown.org for more information.

1. Administration—this committee of board officers will work on the 2022 Workplan and budget, due to the City Council in October 2022. They will also work on next steps for the non-profit, including installation of administration and agency agreement with the City. Also manages contracted program manager. Chair – Pam Stuller (Board), Cheryl Farrish (Board), Kali Kelnero (Board), Kimberly Koenig (Board)

2. Communication & Outreach—this committee will focus on productive member engagement and communication. Chair – Matt McCulloch (Board), Carol Sheldon (Board), Pam Stuller (Board), Deandra Peterson (Board), Olivia Brown-Latham (board), Mary Kay Sneeringer (Ed! member)

3. Marketing—this committee will drive the website content strategy and implement a digital plan to continue increasing website traffic to benefit member businesses, and will run holiday marketing. Chair – Kimberly Koenig (Ed! member), Mark VonGunten (Board), Kali Kelnero (Board), Jen Lawson (Board)

4. Appearance & Environment—this committee will identify ways to improve pedestrian and vehicle safety, make improvements to parking and city beautification. Mark VonGunten (Board), Pam Stuller (Board), Cheryl Farrish (Board). Umbrella sub-committee Chair – Pam Stuller

5. 2022 Work Plan & Budget – due to City Council October 2021. Chair- Pam Stuller (Board) and all Committee Member Representatives